Protocol Games 20, Le Carnival


Le Carnival is a story roleplaying game about the human oddities (freaks) of a carnival during the Great Depression era. The Carnival travels the backroads of the Midwest farm belt and the Southern states, visiting towns far off the beaten trail. Characters are carnival freaks who hopelessly seek a degree of familiarity, clinging to the idea that somehow the Carnival is family. In fact, the “Brotherhood” of the Carnival is based only on who earns the most for the ringmaster, creating a twisted sense of meritocracy. The only true currency: fleecing the clueless rubes in the uneducated reaches of America.

“Dude it reads like a dream…. dont tinker its perfect.”
— Michael Reddick

George’s Children for Protocol is Now Available

Not to be confused with the amazing GMZero version, this new $3 short-hand edition of George’s Children is now available using the protocol game mechanic. If people like this, expect me to do it again.