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  1. This is for Wendy. I was in the Friday morning Protocol game at Gary-Con. I played Max, with the ex booze running, murdering Uncle Frank, who owned the house of blood. The game was great! It was soooo much fun developing the characters and unraveling the story thru the game mechanics. Thanks again Wendy and hope to see you next year.

    1. Hi Cain, thanks again for playing in Dead Things in the Walls with me at Gary Con–it was a ton of fun! Yes, fingers crossed we’ll get to play together again! Note that Protocol is a great game to play remotely online through applications like roll20.net If you want to find me on Facebook it is possible we could fit something in across state lines. Cheers and happy gaming!

  2. Hi there! I saw your Drama and Plots decks for sale on DriveThruRPG, but the lack of any sort of preview makes me hesitant to spend $8.95 for each deck. Would it be able to see a mock-up of one card from each deck, so that I could determine if they might be suitable for something like, say, a superhero game? Thanks in advance.

  3. hi dorin, write to be at postworldgames gmail and i’ll send you some jpgs and a free pdf

    i think the drama deck is perfectly suited for supers, maybe not plots… as its mostly how to construct classic plots like revenge and adulterous murder.

  4. This the same Jim Pinto that teamed up with Faden on the SoulJar KS only to cut and run and not complete what was promised?

      1. I got the game but there were minis I paid for that never were delivered and some other issues that were supposed to be fixed that never were. I forget them now. This probably falls on the head of Faden but I was just wondering if you were the same Pinto.

    1. Oh. Torn Armor. Dear lord. What a mess. Are you unaware of what happened with the minis? It’s pretty well-documented how Faden was ripped off and ruined by that game. I wish I could send you the minis, but they don’t exist.

      1. No, it was for Dice Crawl which “includes 4 plastic 28-32mm miniatures to represent the hero characters”. Those minis never delivered. And looking back at it now there was some cards that were wrong in some way and according to comments she promised to re-do them. She did not.
        Torn Armor didn’t ruin her enough to launch DC and pull another one. 2 troubled campaigns in a row makes it look like suspicious.

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