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  1. I’m trying to reach Jim Pinto. He was recommended to me for layout. I am a putting together an RPG an will need a layout person in a few months (2 or 3) once we have financing and art in place. If you are interested in any details please contact me.

  2. This is for Wendy. I was in the Friday morning Protocol game at Gary-Con. I played Max, with the ex booze running, murdering Uncle Frank, who owned the house of blood. The game was great! It was soooo much fun developing the characters and unraveling the story thru the game mechanics. Thanks again Wendy and hope to see you next year.

    1. Hi Cain, thanks again for playing in Dead Things in the Walls with me at Gary Con–it was a ton of fun! Yes, fingers crossed we’ll get to play together again! Note that Protocol is a great game to play remotely online through applications like roll20.net If you want to find me on Facebook it is possible we could fit something in across state lines. Cheers and happy gaming!

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