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Mjölnir is an 18-page, d20-friendly sourcebook detailing everything you’d ever want to know about Thor’s fabled hammer.

Drawing upon real-world legends and beliefs, this PDF provides setting information, tales, and game mechanics for the world’s most popular fantasy game.

Mjölnir Available on DriveThru RPG.


King for a Day is a systemless fantasy sandbox campaign written in the style of Lovecraft, with more creep than gore. Set in a traditional anglo-saxon shire, the campaign is an extensive toolkit of people, places, and strange events all culminating in a horrific and unreal finale.

With nearly 200 NPCs and dozens of unique locations and stories, King for a Day promises to provide many hours of gaming entertainment.

King for a Day is recommended for mature players.

PDF Includes

312-pages of adventure, including nearly 200 NPCS, 50 storylines, and over a 100 pages of setting content. An additional 60 pages of maps and handouts is available as a PDF download for free with the book. That’s nearly 400 pages of gaming material.


King for a Day Now Available on DriveThru RPG.

Softcover books available through

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