More Fiasco : A Play Diary

Someday I’ll get back to posting about my own designs, but in the meantime I’ve played Fiasco six times in the last eight days.

What the hell? How is that possible?

Nov 2. Dirty Cops with the gang. We played some really dirty cops in the one. But Westen and James tried to turn it all around at the end. Aaron and I went to prison or died. I don’t recall. But working directly with drug dealers who have blown your cover is really f***ed up.

Nov 5. Three games of Fiasco with Steve and friends. Dirty Cops, Business Casual, and Lucky Strike. Even dirtier cops then last time, Carrie overdose on Methadone to end it all once it was discovered she was hooked on the H. Business Casual devolved into porn. Meh. And Lucky Strike was surprisingly good, considering I didn’t expect much.

Nov 8. Dragonslayers and Lucky Strike. Dragonslayers is an amazing idea with poor ingredients on the chart. I feel like it was purposely made to be campy, when the humor will emerge naturally from the game. Lucky Strike with three players was amazingly funny. Hats off to Westen for playing 100 NPCs equally well.

And it looks like we’re playing again on Nov 12 and 13. Unbelievable.

Fiasco : Playset : Dirty Cops

just a little taste…

The cops in El Centro have a unique motto—Bad Cop, Bad Cop. Anyone whose ever been brought in for questioning here knows to tell the truth, or wake up in a cell with a criminal who is far worse than you.

Beatings are always an option too.

But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is that the cops here are just as dirty as the criminals. They take bribes, sell information to pushers, and generally keep a close watch on the criminals doing them the most favors.

Which is great for the status quo.

But what happens when an investigation stumbles into territory other dirty cops are trying to cover up? Or maybe someone is ready to squeal to protect his ass? And let’s not forget about the ambitious prosecutor looking to nail someone’s ass to the wall?

What then?

jp04 Dirty Cops