Fiasco : Playset : Dark Dark Fantasy

The Wizard and the Map are Dead

Mordor won. The sun has turned black. Ash and cinder coat the landscape. Famine. Plague. The list goes on.

Whatever life is left… it isn’t good.

Gold hoards are rumored everywhere. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has a map. Or a trinket. Or some forgotten bit of history. But what does any of that matter when there’s nothing of value anymore and life is cheap. Subsistence and meager survival matter for most.

But for a small few, life is a little different.

Adventurers stand out from the norm. While most dig in the mud, eking out what little food they can to survive, opportunists — thugish, cruel opportunists — pass through the landscape stealing what they can and slaying to keep it.

If life is going to be short, ugly, messy, and sweaty, then they are going to get theirs as quickly as possible.

This is a dark fantasy fiasco.

Dark Dark Fantasy

Fiasco : Playset : Dirty Cops

just a little taste…

The cops in El Centro have a unique motto—Bad Cop, Bad Cop. Anyone whose ever been brought in for questioning here knows to tell the truth, or wake up in a cell with a criminal who is far worse than you.

Beatings are always an option too.

But that’s not the worst of it. The worst is that the cops here are just as dirty as the criminals. They take bribes, sell information to pushers, and generally keep a close watch on the criminals doing them the most favors.

Which is great for the status quo.

But what happens when an investigation stumbles into territory other dirty cops are trying to cover up? Or maybe someone is ready to squeal to protect his ass? And let’s not forget about the ambitious prosecutor looking to nail someone’s ass to the wall?

What then?

jp04 Dirty Cops

Fiasco : Playset : High School Hijinx

My second attempt at a Fiasco playset. Please see The Dirt People for more Fiasco goodness. [Sadly missing from the movie list is Heathers.]

I’m So Bored I Could Kill Myself

So. Like. There I was, you know. Sitting in class and I’m like. Yeah. So. This is really boring. You know. And then Angie. You know her, right? Well. Like. Angie, she is hands me this note. And I’m like OMG. I know. This is so boring. Thank you. And then I’m like, let’s go to the mall for lunch. You know? Okay. Yeah. We can see what Darren and Casey are doing, too. And maybe, I don’t know, we’ll all find a way to just never come back here.

God. I hate it.

Or something.

jp02 High School Hijinx

Fiasco : Playset : The Dirt People

This is a free little playset for those of you familiar with Fiasco (or the pleasant 909 area code, here in Southern California).

where culture goes to die
On the edge of an urban world filled with botox, toy poodles, and type-A personalities, lies a forgotten place where culture goes to die.
Desert Parties
Indian Casinos
The Birthplace of the “Bro”
True plateaus of human evolution…
Somewhere East… very East of Los Angeles is the 909 — an entire area code devoted to people without ambitions, educations, jobs, or plans. The 909 does not see color or creed, just poverty and missed opportunities. Meth labs, home invasions, UFC training centers, teen pregnancies, outlet malls, off-road racing, strip clubs, paint ball, welfare checks, and underaged drinking are all part of le dirt people joie de vivre. But for a small few, it’s a wake up call “graffiti-ed” on the rocks of Joshua Tree.

movie night
11:14, Alpha Dog, Chumscrubber, City of Industry, Inland Empire, Kill Me Again,
Red Rock West, Salton Sea, SLC Punk!, Spanking the Monkey, U-Turn

jp01 The Dirt People

jp01 The Dirt People Annex