Fiasco : Playset : Dark Dark Fantasy

The Wizard and the Map are Dead

Mordor won. The sun has turned black. Ash and cinder coat the landscape. Famine. Plague. The list goes on.

Whatever life is left… it isn’t good.

Gold hoards are rumored everywhere. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has a map. Or a trinket. Or some forgotten bit of history. But what does any of that matter when there’s nothing of value anymore and life is cheap. Subsistence and meager survival matter for most.

But for a small few, life is a little different.

Adventurers stand out from the norm. While most dig in the mud, eking out what little food they can to survive, opportunists — thugish, cruel opportunists — pass through the landscape stealing what they can and slaying to keep it.

If life is going to be short, ugly, messy, and sweaty, then they are going to get theirs as quickly as possible.

This is a dark fantasy fiasco.

Dark Dark Fantasy

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