Fiasco : Playset : The Dirt People

This is a free little playset for those of you familiar with Fiasco (or the pleasant 909 area code, here in Southern California).

where culture goes to die
On the edge of an urban world filled with botox, toy poodles, and type-A personalities, lies a forgotten place where culture goes to die.
Desert Parties
Indian Casinos
The Birthplace of the “Bro”
True plateaus of human evolution…
Somewhere East… very East of Los Angeles is the 909 — an entire area code devoted to people without ambitions, educations, jobs, or plans. The 909 does not see color or creed, just poverty and missed opportunities. Meth labs, home invasions, UFC training centers, teen pregnancies, outlet malls, off-road racing, strip clubs, paint ball, welfare checks, and underaged drinking are all part of le dirt people joie de vivre. But for a small few, it’s a wake up call “graffiti-ed” on the rocks of Joshua Tree.

movie night
11:14, Alpha Dog, Chumscrubber, City of Industry, Inland Empire, Kill Me Again,
Red Rock West, Salton Sea, SLC Punk!, Spanking the Monkey, U-Turn

jp01 The Dirt People

jp01 The Dirt People Annex

5 thoughts on “Fiasco : Playset : The Dirt People

  1. I should add that I don’t think the locations is quite finished the way it is, so I went ahead and made another page to cover everything else I could think of. Also note, I really wanted to add the “Day Old Bread Store” but there was no room.

  2. I think the Annex Locations are a bit better: there were some entries (although it’s my not being American) that didn’t seem to say anything about “what” or “where” in the original (Dave and Buster’s for example, although a little Google-fu suggests it’s a bar and restaurant, so perhaps that is my lack of US familiarity). In any case, the Annex seems to contain Locations that are a bit more explicit on what there purpose may be. A little more “whimsy” in a few entries might be nice, similar to some of the Items: “$300 Car with $400 stereo and $500 rims” for instance hints at an interesting story and gives a nice jumping off point over simply having “A car”. Likewise, something like “A motel room with a blood stained carpet” may be a nice addition to Locations. “Day Old Bread Store” seems like it would be a nice addition too.

    I note you don’t look to use the seemingly standard convention of describing both sides of the relationship all the time, Family in particular. Although it is fairly obvious if the relationship is “Grandparent” that the other is “Grandchild”; just wondered if it was a specific decision?

  3. Most likely, just an oversight. And yeah, I agree about the locations. I know the 909 so well, I can tell you where each of those places is. So, it feels very alive to me. You know?

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