If it isn’t obvious, I don’t like social networking sites. I don’t use facebook or myspace or twitter or digg or delicious… I don’t even know what that one does. The fact that these things are prescribed additions to our lives without actually considering if they are “better” for our lives is a little unsettling. Sorry if I sound like a luddite, but I don’t even own a microwave.

What’s worse is people just assuming you’ve bought into all of it. I can’t tell you how many times people just assume I’m on facebook.

“Oh yes. Just add me on facebook. We can keep in touch.”

At which point I am forced to tell them. “Well. You see. The thing is…”

Anyway. I’m finally on facebook. I made a facebook account for post world games. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. But here’s a link anyway.

If I find it useful, I will use it. If I don’t, well, there is always RSS feeds.

Fiasco : Playset : The Dirt People

If you’ve been alive during the last two years, chances are you’ve heard of Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco. I think it’s brilliant. Everyone thinks it’s brilliant. It’s an instant classic and it might just be the game everyone references when trying to explain what a story game is to people from the crunchy side of the hobby.

I’ll let someone else sell you on what makes the game so great. There’s no point in rehashing all that information. What I am offering is a free little playset for those of you familiar with the game (of the pleasant 909 area code, here in Southern California).

where culture goes to die
On the edge of an urban world filled with botox, toy poodles, and type-A personalities, lies a forgotten place where culture goes to die.
Desert Parties
Indian Casinos
The Birthplace of the “Bro”
True plateaus of human evolution…
Somewhere East… very East of Los Angeles is the 909 — an entire area code devoted to people without ambitions, educations, jobs, or plans. The 909 does not see color or creed, just poverty and missed opportunities. Meth labs, home invasions, UFC training centers, teen pregnancies, outlet malls, off-road racing, strip clubs, paint ball, welfare checks, and underaged drinking are all part of le dirt people joie de vivre. But for a small few, it’s a wake up call “graffiti-ed” on the rocks of Joshua Tree.

movie night
11:14, Alpha Dog, Chumscrubber, City of Industry, Inland Empire, Kill Me Again,
Red Rock West, Salton Sea, SLC Punk!, Spanking the Monkey, U-Turn

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jp01 The Dirt People

jp01 The Dirt People Annex