Artist Spotlight : Marc Scheff

I’ve always believe that illustration should inspire one to write, not the other way around. I think seeing a piece of art and wanting to explore the intricacy of it should be part of the process. I believe the art is another medium for which to explore story, character, worlds, and so on. I do not believe that everything in the art has to be representational. If the art is identical to the text, what’s the point of the text?

I hope Marc’s work makes you think about worlds they way it makes me think about them.

Drama : A Test

Yet another free PDF game. Woohoo. Everyone feel free to not download this one as well.

Drama is a Quick and Dirty story-game done in a theatrical style with delineated places for plot, development, twists, and resolution. This is a work in progress. Any feedback you have would be great. From paragraph one of the PDF.

Drama is an experimental roleplaying story game for 4 or 5 players, allowing the players to take on the roles or writers, directors, and actors in an ongoing plot. The system is designed to emulate all manner of dramatic work, regardless of genre.