The Plague, Part III

Another playtest of the Plague. Much better this time, albeit too many steps and the game fails with just three players on many levels. The relationship matrix needs some work, but the rest of the set-up was bang on. Isolation works perfectly, but the static removal of resources fails. Players need to be prepared for the worst in every capacity, so the event table needs some help and by consolidating it into one chart, I will save a step in game play, albeit the chart will now become more complicated.

Looking forward to the next session.

Custom Game Aids and Graphic Design

That’s right. Custom Game Aids for Gamemasters that want authentic looking documents. Hand-scrawled nonsense? Driver’s License? Psychiatric Report? Menus? Toe Tag? Job Application? Passport? Archaic Maps?

Are you serious about the look of your game experience? Then contact me for services and we’ll figure out how best to shake money out of your wallet.

Here’s a sample of the kind of thing I make for my own games.

The Plague, Part II

Made a number of massive changes to the game. The first playtest was rubbish, because I made the standard mistake of expecting the players to do what was in my head. In the interim, the game has become more complicated now, with lots of steps. But so far, it’s shaping up to be nothing like most indie games.

Not sure if that’s a good thing.

If you’re interested in playtesting, please contact me.

The Plague Playtest

Anyone familiar with my designs knows that I prefer dark, deep, resonate game-play. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of this game for sometime and I finally just sat down, made some character sheets, and started playing with some friends. And I’ll be the first to admit, this first playtest sucked, because I had too many stats on the sheet and no idea what they were going to do, or what I wanted them to do.

After Julie left the playtest out of disgust (or some phone call she pretended to get), the rest of us sat and worked out what a scene should be about and who should be in it. For some reason I failed to even address that since every scene in this game is indoors, quarantined from the world around them, obviously everyone would be in every scene.


After that, I realized that what was at stake for someone in a scene did not need to be the same across the board. Everyone could be in a scene, but be having a completely different experience within the scene. And that the strategic part of the game could be taking place between scenes.

I also failed to tell the players the goal of the game. Wasn’t it obvious? Ha.

Lastly, when I got home, I fixed the character sheet, started working on charts for a GM-less version (which I always knew it would be), and made the cover above. I intend to add interludes between scenes, so players can have some personal time to reflect on the events of play. I also added a concept of “foils” triggering other players to action in tense situations.

More updates as playtests continue.

Dying Memoryes Annoucement

In Dying Memoryes, players take on the roles of crewman trapped in cryogenic sleep aboard a space ship in deep space. The ship has gone adrift, heading into the orbit of a wayward planet. As the ship’s unavoidable and tragic decent to the inhospitable world continues, the crewmen suffer traumatic episodes of fragmented memories from their past, in an attempt to rebuild their lives. Their final moments spent trying to formulate who they were and what is happening.

Dying Memoryes is a structured freeform roleplaying game which strings together relevant scenes from the characters past. As the game progresses, the players’ unconscious unravels more and more perceived truths about their past as they attempt to find the missing memories that made them who they are.

Coming soon.

Gateway 2011 : Schedule

I’ll be running games this weekend at the local Strategicon convention at the LAX Sheraton. For those keeping score, the Labor Day weekend convention is called Gateway.

Friday 2pm and 8pm I will be running a playtest of my Samurai story about nobles dealing with the guilt of killing their lord.

Saturday at 10am, I am delivering a seminar on how to get your game published and my 8pm game is Fiasco 909. You can find that here on my site.


Finally Sunday at 2pm and 6pm I am running games. 2pm is my game called Dying Memoryes. And my 6pm game is a Steampunk LARP about a race around the world.

I hope to have stories when I return.