Fiasco : Playset : High School Hijinx

My second attempt at a Fiasco playset. Please see The Dirt People for more Fiasco goodness. [Sadly missing from the movie list is Heathers.]

I’m So Bored I Could Kill Myself

So. Like. There I was, you know. Sitting in class and I’m like. Yeah. So. This is really boring. You know. And then Angie. You know her, right? Well. Like. Angie, she is hands me this note. And I’m like OMG. I know. This is so boring. Thank you. And then I’m like, let’s go to the mall for lunch. You know? Okay. Yeah. We can see what Darren and Casey are doing, too. And maybe, I don’t know, we’ll all find a way to just never come back here.

God. I hate it.

Or something.

jp02 High School Hijinx

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