an ongoing list of projects…

As you may have noticed recently, my inspiration to start things has been strong, but eventually the reality of cost associated with new projects sets in and I never finish anything. While I have the means to do all of the work on any number of projects, the cost to print a game is not cheap and using POD for board games isn’t cheap for consumers, so even getting DICE CRAWL into people’s hands isn’t going to be easy. While a financial backer would be nice, what would be even better is someone to help with project organization/marketing, because I’m tired of self-promotion and self-inspired activities. If you know anyone…


Today I started setting up my first kickstarter project (which is a pain in the ass, btw… because of all the online forms you have to fill out and then the bank authorization) for King for a Day, a project I think will be cheap to fund and that I can certainly create in a manner no one has made before. Successful or not, I would love to do this project.











I also have a Savage World’s project I’ve been trying to team up with someone to do. It’s an atypical mash-up for the gaming industry. Should that pan out, that’ll be fun.

I recently designed a card game for a law-office (I kid you not) about getting patent’s approved. When that’s 100% completed, the developer and I intend to do a dice game.

I still want to work on Lineage, which I already made a logo for. This would be a game about surviving generations and the value of royalty.

There’s a time travel board game that I’ve been working on for some time. This is actually being worked on and is at about the 25% mark. I should have another prototype ready for Gamex 2012.

Dying Memories is a roleplaying game about oxygen deprivation aboard and crashing spaceship. It’s a completed project that I just need to print and market.

I have a Logan’s Run roleplaying game that I need to finish writing. It has art, but no title or graphics. Man, I do things backwards sometimes.

Temptation Hotel strikes me as a very interesting project to do and I’ve even contacted the estate about the cost of using the art.

Cycles is another mini RPG I should finish.

Warehouse 23 was a board game idea I had while talking with a player at a LARP one night. Definitely for people who like munchkin-style games.

I have notes written up for a Roadhouse-inspired board game about bouncing.

I started working on a Seven Samurai-inspired board game with an homage to Agricola.

Monsters, Aliens, Nazis, and Zombies is a board game idea I have about mash-up genre nonsense. I think it could be very funny.

3 More Quarters is a car-wash board game fueled by silly ideas I get sometimes when I’m out and about.

I’ve always wanted to a Vampire RPG without clans. Not sure what I’d name it, but setting it in a fantasy world or the middle ages would be ideal. I always thought Dark Ages vampire was brilliant.

Roane and I are talking about doing an educational game to teach kids that value of money.

King of Storms is an old RPG idea I started working on and never finished. The players are rulers of nations and descendants of now dead gods. Probably a better board game, since the PCs won’t be working cooperatively.

Jonathan Breece and I talked about doing the Plague as a video game.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

Haranshire : Updatepalooza

Okay. So, I have about 3.5 sessions to update everyone on. And I don’t remember where I left off. So, rather than go in any kind of order, here’s what’s happened.

Stauff married Mikhail’s daughter, Helga. Mikhail is the leader of the Gypsies.

Stauff tried to drown Father Konrad, who he suspects as a servant of Dagon.

Ingram was discovered to have fish-elixir in his pantry.

The water supply in the valley is tainted.

Bartlby lives underground, removed from the world, claiming to be over 200 years old and a descendant of the true lineage of the Huntley Keep.

Regan is a weird-looking dwarf guy who guards a gate to a world beneath the orc tunnels.

Everyone nearly died fighting five orcs in the orc tunnels.

Thurmaster was sieged (and subsequently flattened) by the Ragged Hand clan of Orcs living south of the town. They serve the Fomar. The Fomar serves the Wyrm.

Ian has unlocked some minor magical power.

Verner and Roth finally had it out in the middle of the street. At stake: Respect us or f*** off. A very interesting scene to say the least.

Brandy attempted suicide. It is possible she has been having an affair with father Konrad… who might be in league with Dagon. Which I may have already mentioned.

Darius Carmen is about to lose his Boc-Land use of the mines.

However, Verner has negotiated a deal with Engel and his merchant house to ensure that Darius keeps the copper ore coming. If this deal goes through at the upcoming folkmote, then Barclay’s attempt to remove Milbourne’s autocracy and financial security may be undone. Which will certainly make Verner an enemy of the keep (if he isn’t already).

Ian and Stauff had a long conversation with someone named Bartlby, claiming to be the true ruler of Huntley Keep.

Ian may or may have not unlocked some magical power.

I’m sure I will be informed if I’ve missed anything.