Gencon Adventure Idea

I was considering the idea of running a private, marathon gaming session at gencon. High cost to enter. Specifically tailored adventure. Snacks. Private room. The works.

My post on facebook turned to jokes pretty fast, but I think there’s something there… for people who don’t like sitting on crappy chairs and like the comfort of air conditioning while they game.


4 thoughts on “Gencon Adventure Idea

  1. Could be fun, but you might consider running it either on Wednesday or in a smaller venue. I know I don’t like to lock up a long stretch of Gen Con with one long event. I like to do a lot more smaller events so I can see and do as much as possible at the big con. At smaller cons this normally isn’t an issue for me.

  2. i’ve tried this at smaller cons and i get the same response in reverse… i feel the same way about gencon, personally, but i would love to offer a place for people to have that ONE BIG ADVENTURE. might be worth doing as a kickstarter… give people a whole month to decide if they are in or not.

    1. Or think about doing it Wednesday as a lead-in to the main con. A lot of people are coming in earlier, and this would be a good option for something for a few people to do before the official events during the con.

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