Game Review : Shock

Let me be very very clear. Game designers and publishers should NEVER review someone else’s product.


Regardless of my position in the industry, I am a competitor. We are all competitors.

We should NOT be reviewing a competitor’s product.

That said, last night, I played a story gamed called Shock by Joshua Newman. I have been wanting to play it for years, but people had said bad things. Sadly, I don’t think it’s held up well since its release because the set-up is so long and could easily be replaced with oracles. But the game is run, the dice resolution smart, and the theme right inside my wheelhouse. But, seriously. It took 90 minutes to prep a 90-minute game.

Needed to be shorter on the front end and longer on the back-end.

But. If you like science fiction (not sci-fi) that deals with real cultural and social issues, this game is smart.