Games Updates. News. Read!


Dying Memoryes is on target to be done in the first half of the year. Kickstarter video is available for viewing. Contact me.


Forget Me Not (the game of David Lynch’s twisted Twin Peaks) had a major breakthrough on playtest last night and again today. Looking for playtesters.


Piledriver Playtesting also went really well today. Have a setback on text and art as the original files are lost to the ravages of time and/or bad backups. Either way, someone is retyping and scanning as we speak. This project’s completion date is contingent on many factors, but 2013 is still viable. Expect Kickstarter news soon.


Toolcards is coming soon. I’ve not said anything about this before now. But expect another great GM Toolkit product in the spirit of the Toolbox books. Contact me if you’re looking to help.


A Gallery of Rogues I: Solomon Guild is on target and art has been posted consistently. Dice have been ordered. And the next book in the series, Warlocks of the Ebon Tower is already planned. Too much good stuff this year.

And there are more surprises to come.

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