Post World Games Press Release

Immediate Release – 4/4/13

Post World Games signs with Rabid Fanboy Marketing and Promotions in anticipation of its new Toolcards: Fantasy product launch

Alexi Vandenberg            Jim Pinto
Rabid Fanboy                Post World Games

Wayne, NJ – Post World Games is pleased to announce its partnership with Rabid Fanboy in order to market and promote a wide-range of products and games. jim pinto, a 15-year veteran of the gaming industry with experience in comic book, role playing, and board game writing experience with awards in screenwriting and graphic design has overseen the growth of Post World Games.  Post World Games has produced two successful products: King for a Day, a systemless fantasy campaign that incorporates the creepiness of H.P. Lovecraft into the fantasy genre, and A Gallery of Rogues, a detailed sourcebook of criminals and thieves. It is poised to release its third and most ambitious project Toolcards: Fantasy, a detailed aid for experienced and beginning gamemasters that ensures inspiration and information for campaigns and adventures without slowing game play.

“As Post World Games grows, our product-base grows and hopefully the enthusiasm for more,” said Post World Games owner jim pinto, “Now it’s time to expand our reach and we are very excited to have the marketing expertise of Rabid Fanboy ensuring that our brand and product reach the widest audience possible.”

Rabid Fanboy, a marketing and promotions group dedicated to servicing “fandom” properties such as Role Playing Games, Comic Books, Artists, Fantasy and Science Fiction novels, under the guidance of Alexi Vandenberg added, “This is a great start for Rabid Fanboy in terms of having a client that has produced such great properties as Postworld Games. As a fan and lifelong player of RPGs, jim pinto work is extraordinary and innovative and we cannot wait to help him build and promote his ideas and creations to the fan community at large.”

The Toolcard: Fantasy Kickstarter will begin on Tuesday April 9th with a broad range of promotions and incentives for supporters and gaming enthusiasts.