Midnight Vigil

Dead Snowy Tree

I just designed another little roleplaying game. Six pages. Free.

Midnight Vigil is an experimental roleplaying story game where players recall the life of someone they’ve lost.  It is played over the course of one hour and each person takes on the role of someone at a candlelight vigil remembering someone special. There are many ways to use this game with variants and suggests on the last two pages.




Written with the d20 fanbase in mind, this 18-page PDF explores all avenues of the legendary hammer of Thor. From the pre-history of the Norse, to the pretenders of the hammer, to the discussion about the true shape of Mjölnir, this PDF is an exhaustive approach to the thunderweapon for any fantasy campaign.

Available now online.


Toolcards Coming Soon

ImageFor the Kickstarter backers, Toolcards: Fantasy and the companion decks are at the printer.

For everyone else, the cards become available on June 15th.

This is just a teaser. More information later (including a completed guide to the cards).