The Witch


The Witch is a zero-prep, GM-less roleplaying story game for 4 to 6 players (5 is best). The players take on the roles of soldiers, clergy, and fantatics tasked with delivering a suspected witch to a religious order for trial. One of these players plays the role of the witch. The rest are refered to as guardians.

The Witch is played over the course of five acts, and in each act the players roleplay scenes involving their characters at various points along the journey.

The game ends when the witch is successfully delivered to trial or she escapes into the night, never to be returned. It is the role of the guardians to ensure she does not escape, all the while doing what they can to gain favor with the church, as their reward is contingent upon their valor.

While the players do not ultimately determine the fate of the witch, their actions and decisions greatly impact whether she lives or dies, and if she does, how.

The setting can be anything devoid of technology and high in superstition. The intended era is somewhere before the 4th Crusade.

Above is the priest, who escorts the witch to save her soul, while ensuring she do face the inquisitor’s trial.

Below is an initial concept of the mercenary, who escorts the witch to make his coin. He is uncomplicated in his objective.


More updates coming.

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“In the remote town of Northern Falls, Rebecca Ashwick has been murdered. But no one seems too keen on solving the murder, not even the residents…”

Forget-Me-Not (FMN) is a progressive, roleplaying game experience that plays in about 3 hours, though longer games are an option. It can be played with or without a gamemaster, but requires at least 3 players.

Set in the fictional town of Northern Falls, FMN allows players to take on the roles of various key figures in town — the Sheriff, the Town Drunk, the Heiress, the Reporter, etc. — but no one owns any of the characters. Each scene is played different from the last, as we explore the confusing and weird behaviors of the people unaffected by Rebecca Ashwick’s death.

If this is your first game, you can start reading and playing within a few minutes. If you’ve never played a roleplaying game before, just relax and let FMN take you to your favorite eccentric stories.

Forget-Me-Not is part of a six game series of GMless games available now on Kickstarter.


Dying Memoryes

In Dying Memoryes, players take on the roles of crewman trapped in cryogenic sleep aboard a ship in deep space. The spaceship has gone adrift, heading into the orbit of a wayward planet (or a star… or a nebula). As the ship’s unavoidable and tragic decent to the inhospitable world continues, the crewmen suffer traumatic episodes of fragmented memories from their past, in an attempt to rebuild their lives. Their final moments spent trying to formulate who they were and what is happening.

Dying Memoryes is a structured freeform roleplaying game which strings together disjointed memories from the characters past. As the game progresses, the players’ unconscious unravels more and more perceived truths as they attempt to find the missing memories that made them who they are.

Game play without a GM is fairly simple in this game. All conflict is resolved with head-to-head die rolls at the end of a scene and ownership of the memory goes to the winner, though there are caveats for 2nd and 3rd place in a scene.

The game continues in a round-robin format until one person wakes from cryogenic sleep, either because their persona is fully realized through numerous, reasonable memories, or a single psychosis (or series of psychoses) rattles the character from slumper.

Whatever the case, the first person awake is the only one with a chance to save the ship and final moments of the game hinge on a single die roll.

The game starts with an empty character sheet like this:


But at the end of the game, can look like this:


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George’s Children


Art by Jon Hodgson

George’s Children is a roleplaying story game about a future devoid of adults. In a nutshell. The game is devoid of a GM and is mostly narrativism, with the other players complicating each other’s lives with increased challenges. Told as a “day-in-the-life” game about children who’ve come together on a single journey, the game emulates Lord of the Flies, Mad Max, the Road, and all of my favorite dark post apocalyptic stories.

Character creation is fast and simple and so is the dice mechanic. Everything is designed to feel like the players are the children in the story. The ultimate goal is to acquire more Glory than Worry so the children can reach their destination.

Think of this like “plastic space” where you travel until Act 3 magically happens. The children can stand in front of the gates of Mordor all day long, but until a child gets a fifth point of Glory, the doors don’t open.

Told over 5 acts, the stories are rich and meaningful and each age actually feels and plays very differently, despite the simple methods of character creation.

George’s Children was a meaningful exercise by Jon and I. The first time we released it (in 2005), the proceeds went to charity. I lost $450 promoting it. I hope to continue our efforts to get this game into people’s hands. It is a lush game, with dark tones that go to places traditional roleplaying games do not. I hope you agree.

George’s Children is part of a six-game GM-less series of games available as part of my latest kickstarter. I’ll post a pretty character sheet soon and update other games as the month progresses.


Dragonflight 2013

Post World Games (jim) will be at Dragonflight (in Bellevue, WA), the weekend of Aug 9th.

Three games are being run that weekend, all stuff that is yet to be published. Come see what they are before anyone else does.

Fri Aug 9, 7:00PM George’s Children
Post-Apocalyptic roleplaying story game of children in a world without adults. Max Mad meets Lord of the Flies, and without a GM.

Sat Aug 10 11:30AM Carbon Skies
High-Speed Science Fiction roleplaying in an age after galactic collapse. Warlords, smugglers, and liars on the edge of space. The only laws are the ones you can back up.

Sat Aug 10 7:00PM Monogatori
Samurai roleplaying story game telling the tale of five samurai who have killed their lord and are now living with the guilt. Honor and the Code of Bushido mix in this epic played without a GM.


Montsegur 1244 by Thoughtful Games


Anyone who knows me, knows this is one of my favorite independent story games.

I recently remade the cards because I was tired of shuffling paper. I like cards. Sturdy cards.


Here is a link to their game:

Here is a link to the cards I made for their game:

They are available for free download, or $8 for a printed deck (on nice card stock).