The Witch


The Witch is a zero-prep, GM-less roleplaying story game for 4 to 6 players (5 is best). The players take on the roles of soldiers, clergy, and fantatics tasked with delivering a suspected witch to a religious order for trial. One of these players plays the role of the witch. The rest are refered to as guardians.

The Witch is played over the course of five acts, and in each act the players roleplay scenes involving their characters at various points along the journey.

The game ends when the witch is successfully delivered to trial or she escapes into the night, never to be returned. It is the role of the guardians to ensure she does not escape, all the while doing what they can to gain favor with the church, as their reward is contingent upon their valor.

While the players do not ultimately determine the fate of the witch, their actions and decisions greatly impact whether she lives or dies, and if she does, how.

The setting can be anything devoid of technology and high in superstition. The intended era is somewhere before the 4th Crusade.

Above is the priest, who escorts the witch to save her soul, while ensuring she do face the inquisitor’s trial.

Below is an initial concept of the mercenary, who escorts the witch to make his coin. He is uncomplicated in his objective.


More updates coming.

Keep watching this page and the Kickstarter.


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