Dragonflight 2013

Post World Games (jim) will be at Dragonflight (in Bellevue, WA), the weekend of Aug 9th.

Three games are being run that weekend, all stuff that is yet to be published. Come see what they are before anyone else does.

Fri Aug 9, 7:00PM George’s Children
Post-Apocalyptic roleplaying story game of children in a world without adults. Max Mad meets Lord of the Flies, and without a GM.

Sat Aug 10 11:30AM Carbon Skies
High-Speed Science Fiction roleplaying in an age after galactic collapse. Warlords, smugglers, and liars on the edge of space. The only laws are the ones you can back up.

Sat Aug 10 7:00PM Monogatori
Samurai roleplaying story game telling the tale of five samurai who have killed their lord and are now living with the guilt. Honor and the Code of Bushido mix in this epic played without a GM.