George’s Children


Art by Jon Hodgson

George’s Children is a roleplaying story game about a future devoid of adults. In a nutshell. The game is devoid of a GM and is mostly narrativism, with the other players complicating each other’s lives with increased challenges. Told as a “day-in-the-life” game about children who’ve come together on a single journey, the game emulates Lord of the Flies, Mad Max, the Road, and all of my favorite dark post apocalyptic stories.

Character creation is fast and simple and so is the dice mechanic. Everything is designed to feel like the players are the children in the story. The ultimate goal is to acquire more Glory than Worry so the children can reach their destination.

Think of this like “plastic space” where you travel until Act 3 magically happens. The children can stand in front of the gates of Mordor all day long, but until a child gets a fifth point of Glory, the doors don’t open.

Told over 5 acts, the stories are rich and meaningful and each age actually feels and plays very differently, despite the simple methods of character creation.

George’s Children was a meaningful exercise by Jon and I. The first time we released it (in 2005), the proceeds went to charity. I lost $450 promoting it. I hope to continue our efforts to get this game into people’s hands. It is a lush game, with dark tones that go to places traditional roleplaying games do not. I hope you agree.

George’s Children is part of a six-game GM-less series of games available as part of my latest kickstarter. I’ll post a pretty character sheet soon and update other games as the month progresses.


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