the furnace

furnace6x6the furnace is a story roleplaying game about WWI soldiers fighting in the trenches. There is no gamemaster. Players take turn framing scenes. All the rules you need are right here (you also need a deck of cards and two six-sided dice). Each character is a soldier on the Western Front, with someone waiting for them at home. Players take turns directing one of three scene types: vignettes, interludes, and ensembles.

Gencon 2014

Hey Everyone.

I’m packed and ready to go to Gencon.

I have a booth (2730) which I’m sharing with Souljar Games.

I’ll have Carcass there. King for a Day. Solomon Guild. Protocol. Toolcards. And a new game just for GENCON… the furnace.

Souljar will have dice crawl, torn armor, and cairn, plus some maps for sale.

There’s also a special card for Dice Crawl GENCON customers.

It’s a secret.

We have stickers, bonus dice, and a gumball machine at the booth.

I’ll be playing games, demoing games, gaming games, and also games.

I’ll also be at the Trade Day demo night, room 205 of the JW Marriott at 6pm on Wednesday (before the con). I’ll be showing off dice crawl to stores. As well as Torn Armor.

Whew. Maybe I’ll get a minute to eat or drink.