The Carcass: Some Thoughts


For whatever reason, I am extremely proud of the Carcass. Maybe it’s the fast turn around to make the game. The mean spirit of play. The fact that it’s not a copy of other post-apoc games. I don’t know.

What I do know is that it could not have happened without a lot of angst for passive aggressive behavior. Reading book after book from indie designers, I see a lot of passive language. Stricture instead of structure.

Maybe. Should. Try. Will. Soft, indirect language meant to guide and hand-hold through the process of avoiding a true experience.

What exactly do you want me to do with this?

The Carcass is a byproduct of my love of gaming AND my our philosophies about culture. Not just modern America, but thousands of years of history.

This game is not safe. It is not soft. It is not careful with the language.

The Carcass is something I’m extremely proud of. It doesn’t treat you like a child. It doesn’t talk down to you. And it doesn’t tell you when to take a break.