The Goblin


The Goblin is a story roleplaying game about dark nobility in a mythic land. The thirteen great goblin tribes have gathered to elect a new leader. To end the suffering of the ages, someone must unite the tribes — the once-noble blood of the goblins. Flesh-made-whole and all that.

But alas, each goblin believes he or she deserves to be leader. As the saying goes, “princes to the last.” No goblin wants to serve under the foot of the throne, when so easily he or she can rule as king or queen. But the Fates will cast the final die in this ‘contest’ to be the true goblin monarch.

What the Fates decree is law.

The Goblin is a sister game to Lady Winter, set in the land of myth. These are not the snot-nosed goblins of standard fantasy convention, but ‘noble savages.’

Corsets and Goggles



Company: Post World Games

Contact: jim pinto

The 2016 Release of Corsets & Goggles

Post World Games has announced the release of Corsets & Goggles, a new roleplaying game using the Dramatic Game Engine. This engine will appear in several future Post World Games products. Corsets & Goggles features a unique spin on Steampunk by bringing together everyone’s favorite Victorian tropes onto Airships. Players take on the roles of noble gentlemen and ladies, dressing in the finest clothes, drinking the finest wines, and visiting the finest locales. With suspicion and intrigue lurking behind every corner, Corsets & Goggles is rife with conflict and meaning.

The Dramatic Game Engine allows players to tailor characters they want, without spending hours doing it. And get to the heart of the game, without hours of arguments. After choosing from a short list of archetypes, players select skills, talents, traits, relationships, and weaknesses to give life to their concepts. Questions at every step in the character creation process ensure no two characters are alike, though everyone is dedicated to adventure.

Jim Pinto reports on why this project is so dear to him. “I was skeptical about Steampunk at first. I didn’t really understand the value of it. But ever since Mark Quire and I sat down and examined why everyone loved it, we started to cobble together something that could really make us some money. By exploiting something people love and meshing all those features together without consideration of meaning, we really felt we were onto something.”

The built-in campaign for Corsets & Goggles is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It forces players to work together against a gamut of terrorizing obstacles and moral complexities, begging the question… “are they heroes or really awesome heroes?” Including a chapter laden with notorious NPCs, Corsets & Goggles offers a game world that entertains, excites, and panders to its players.

The equipment lists alone could sink an Pendleton Airship,” remarked Quire. “The character classes are so rich and in-depth, we invented a whole new kind of spreadsheet called the Steamsheet™. I can’t wait for everyone to start using them.”

With a Kickstarter slated for mid-2016, Corsets & Goggles will be the first of several releases in 2016 utilizing the Dramatic Game Engine.