The Haranshire Campaign : Part 15. Finale.

Fighting against three mind flayers and the fragmented memory of the god of discord, cloaked as the god of fertility and twilight, the party was trapped inside their own minds for the first half of the adventure tonight, never sure what was real and what was imagined.

The PCs found themselves replaying and reliving events and memories, with different outcomes.

Eventually, they found their way back to the very room they stood in before, standing off against the powerful mind control puppet masters.

The final battle was swift and vicious. The mind flayers, having used up their power trying to trap the PCs inside their own minds, were out of tricks. Faced with a brutal assault from the party, they stood little chance. Even utilizing new rules for die rolling and penalizing the party every time they rolled 1s, all three mind flayers fell. However, in the end, Ian alone stood against the fragmented memory of the god of discord.

Also out of tricks and without his power base of minions and puppet masters, the floating ball of energy was no match for Ian and quickly surrendered, returning to his realm.

The party walked back to the surface to find that spring was coming now (another two months below the earth?). A few loose ends were tied up and the PCs sat for one last drink at the Baron of Mutton… before walking off in their own separate ways.

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