Six Games, Six Months… and some promises

Well. The kickstarter is over. I’m kind of tired. That’s #4 for me.

#1 and #3 are completed. #2 is having printer issues. #4… well.

#4 is going to be interesting. I have four places to update people on what’s going on with it. That alone is work. And then there’s showing off the games, getting people’s feedback and editing. Cards. Fiasco. Plus I’m working on Cairn with Ross Isaacs. That’s a lot of work.

Plus. I have to start on something in January of 2014, right?

Not to mention more toolcards when those are ready.

As if I was getting any sleep.

Okay. Enough for now. I have work to do. Get off my laugh kids.

Below is page 1 of George’s Children. If you’d backed this, you’d have already seen pages 2 through 7 as well.



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