Bastille Day, Dramatic Game Engine, Protocol, More Toolcards, The Carcass, Souljar Games, What’s Next?

As we near the end of the year, I am absolutely stunned by the volume of work I produced this year, and still didn’t hit most of the goals. I wanted to have my Sci Fi game out this year (also using the Dramatic Game Engine), as well as start the teasing for a game called Banesidhe (which is about two years in the making — on and off). And now I’m announcing more games, while I still have 11 Toolcards decks to do.


And. To top it all off, I am running another Protocol Kickstarter of 15-25 more games before the end of this month.

You will all get the memo.

But that’s not all, I have two more Carcass expansions planned and I am still a partner in Souljar Games, which is taking more and more of my time. Care to feel my heart rate?

So. Here is my attempt to walk you through what is coming next and which order you can expect them.

The Protocol Kickstarter is next. There’s a preview link here: It launches on November 18 or 19.

While that’s going on, I’ll be designing and finishing some of the Toolcards decks from the previous KS, writing on Bastille Day, playtesting the Dramatic Game Engine some more, and revealing some updates of what we’re doing with it. Bastille Day will be an early 2015 promotion, with release in the middle of the year. Anthony Moro and I are working on it together, so if it’s late, it’s because the rules are late (me). I hope to have weekly updates about our progress on Bastille Day.

Finally, in between all that I want to finish the Carcass companion book — An Abattoir of Flies, which adds a lot of information that probably should have been in the core book. I know. I know. But I wrote the game in two weeks. It was an experiment. And when it’s time to do a second edition, it will be a massive book filled with great ideas and advice.

The Carcass: Unearthed is already done and coming soon. It’s a collection of five pseudo-paranormal character classes. They can be played collectively or just peppered into your existing Carcass games.

Let’s see. I’m making two more board games for Souljar Games between now and GenCon, and there’s talk of another Cairn book (which I’ll be doing the graphics for) and maybe a deck of Cairn cards. I don’t feel comfortable making Souljar announcements, since we haven’t finalized everything yet. But I can tell you it’s keeping me busy.


Did I forget anything?

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