Post World Games State of the Union 2016


Nothing I predicted would happen this year did.

I didn’t release any of my big game ideas.

I didn’t finish Toolcards 2.

I am still behind on my Witch RPG.

I didn’t kill my father and marry my mother.

I did get 30 Protocol games finished this year. I did make six decks of Cards Against Things expansion decks.

I did make some d100 charts.

And I did drop the ball a lot.

My prediction and plan is to be out of the woods by the first quarter of next year, completing all the past kickstarter projects and start pushing my three new RPG game systems.

Yes. Three.

What am I stupid?


The art at the top of this post doesn’t even count as one of those three.
It’s just something I need to finish and get out of my system.

For the record, if I had just one helper monkey on development and another doing marketing (half-time), Post World Games would be a very different company.

The quality would certainly not change, but the releases and schedules would be less “based on my whim” and more “look at these near-finished 20 games, let’s get them released.”

How’s that for a bumper sticker slogan?

I want to take a moment now to say a few things. And I’m not joking around here. I mean what I’m about to say.

  1. I f**king love what I do. I don’t really make a living wage, but f**king love it. If anyone questions my passion, you can just divest yourself of interest in what Post World Games does next.
  2. I don’t get a lot of accolades to keep me going like some of the bigger companies, but I don’t get a lot of the detractors, either. I keep going because of said passion. Sometimes it wanes. And sometimes it waxes.
  3. Okay. That sounded weird.
  4. But.
  5. There’s a few people who really deserve a shout-out for all their support over the years.
  6. Martijn Tolsma. Hands down the best friend I’ve made since starting PWG. I love you, man.
  7. Timothy Hidalgo. An amazing supporter who gets it.
  8. Diana. She knows why. But half of this wouldn’t work without her support.
  9. Derrick Swedelius. I can’t figure you out, but you’re alright in my book.
  10. Same goes for David Vincent Zumsteg.
  11. Everyone at Tracon X in Finland who took such good care of me in September and made me their guest of honor. That’s never happened before.
  12. Allie Heenie. Always available for brainstorming and editing help. Thank you for never being a jerk about it.
  13. Ben Woerner. Technically he’s my competition because he’s more successful and talented then I am, but he never ignores me online, regardless of how pedantic
  14. A dozen other friends who are the reason I do this.

This year ended with two short, but fun kickstarters. The second kickstarter was $1 and found nearly 1500 people backing the prospects of a jim pinto roleplaying game. Tomorrow, we’ll narrow the list down and see what the title of that game will be.

In the mean time, thanks again for following and supporting my efforts. Have a great new year.

And if you’re Korean: “Seh heh bok mahn ee pbahd euh sae yo.”

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