State of the (Post World) Union 2016/2017

I usually write these up at the end of the year, but things have been chaotic around here for two months and I just haven’t gotten back into my groove. Today is January 6, and I am spending the better part of the day just writing everything that needs to be done.


In no short order, here is a bullet point list of everything that happened in 2016, followed by what is going to happen in the first quarter of 2017.

  • Productivity-wise 2016 was the worst year yet (less than 30 games were released this year)
  • Sales-wise, it was the best year yet (go figure)
  • Praxis is probably the single-best thing I’ve ever produced in such a short time and there are still 10 more ideas for this game mechanic in the queue.
  • Carcass and City of Masks are very late
  • Toolcards 2 is even later
  • Wendy Reischl has been helping here and there and her input has been invaluable
  • Which indicates to me that this company needs one helper-monkey (“You’re supposed to be a helper monkey. This isn’t helping!”

Moving forward, the next 3 months will be focused on finishing old business. I can’t and won’t do another kickstarter until everything on my plate is done. That said:

  • Carcass is 75% complete
  • City of Masks is 33% complete
  • Toolcards is nearly there (I really am just crippled creatively by these Archetype cards)
  • After that, this year will see the release of new protocols, praxis games, a new game system called Providence, and some new RPGs by myself and some freelance writers.
  • No spoilers at this moment

This is really the crappiest update I’ve ever done, but I need to buckle down and finish work. For those of you who’ve been patient, I promise the future of Post World Games is to revamp the release process so these backups in production never happen again.

9 thoughts on “State of the (Post World) Union 2016/2017

  1. While this may be your crappiest update, it is not optimistic drivel. It is grounded and determined and I know you will get old business done and learn from it.

  2. I really like the fact that you have an Eric Clapton advertisement in the middle of your update… If you’re going to have an advertisement, that’s the one, now anyone who wants to buy me tickets to the Saturday show at the forum… feel free, they would be appreciated. 🙂

  3. Look I paid a whopping DOLLAR For my City of Masks stuff. I had to skip out on adding pineapple to my pizza last night because of your fricking kickstarter that hasn’t delivered yet. HOW DARE YOU DELAY MY ONE DOLLARS WORTH OF INVOLVEMENT.

      1. To be honest, I had given up on City of Masks, but for $1, I wasn’t concerned. Trust me when I say I understand having to split your time between a ton of projects and ….. squirrel ….. where was I going with that. Anyway I am glad to here you are getting there as the whole idea intrigues me. I will wait patiently and see how it all unfolds.

  4. Glad to see the update, glad to see you owning up and putting your best foot forward. I definitely think your decision to not do another Kickstarter until you’ve fulfilled your past ones, is the correct decision. Best of luck, happy new year, etc etc.

  5. jim,

    running a business and being a full time writer, artist, and production manager is pretty damn daunting set of roles

    while you may not see it as brightly as others you are an inspiring person

    one thing I notice in my own career progression is that so often those of us who grew up in house holds where, lets say, things were hard, is that we underestimate our own worth and wonder why the world doesn’t have more of its shit together

    well, the truth is that anyone as productive, effective, and engaged as you are in your work is likely in the top 5%, no matter how you measure it

    that you pursue your passion in game development instead of putting that effort into bigger businesses or more stream lined work is cause for some frustration with the ROI on the effort, however, there is real value in pursuing your passion

    2017 can be a better year than the last and it requires no more effort than you put in last year
    each year i set personal goals for myself, i see you doing the same
    nice job

    my number one suggestion for 2017 is to consider yourself as being an exceptional person and deal with the demons that tell you otherwise

  6. I paid $1 for City of Masks, but I don’t mind waiting some more. Also, you can be sure that although that kickstarter asked for a low price, it was good advertisement for you. It’s because of that kickstarter that I came to know your work and I bought King For a Day on OBS!

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