Shooting Guns

I was in Vegas for a few days and I spent an hour shooting a few small arms at the Gun Store way off the strip. I spent over $200 but it was well-worth every penny.

I fired an M1 rifle, M1911A1 pistol, AR15 rifle, a shotgun (I think it was the Remington, but they didn’t tell me and I was too busy shooting to look), and finally the Uzi (both semi-auto and full auto).

Anyway. I had a blast and I started to realize. One, I didn’t realize gun X had so much recoil, or the barrel was that heavy, etc. And then, I realized. Wait. I’m a game designer. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a game based on everything you know about only the guns you’ve personally ever fired.

And you could include information on how they performed for you and so on.

If I designed a game this way, right now, I would design it so that the Uzi was the best gun (it was brainlessly easy to fire accurately). And since my wife fired an Ak-47, the rules would say, “even a girl can use it.” And if you think I’m being sexist, I should point out her gun was pink with a Hello Kitty sticker.

Just saying.

More posts later this week.

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