Fiasco: Liquidation

Last night we tried the playset called Liquidation. The link is here.

I really wanted to like this playset. The concept was strong, but I think the ingredients failed to live up to the creativity of the setting. It does not help that we have one player who continually does the same with the game, failing to understand that the players are supposed to lose, not one-up each other.


That aside, I never once saw anything on the charts really grab me. I felt as though to truly do this as a fiasco reminiscent of Office Space, all of the relationships needed to be work relationships with varying shades of gray and that perhaps people needed to define their roles a little more strongly with entries that were more flavorful than, “You need to find where the money is hidden.” Elements like this leave you wanting, and not in a good showmanship kind of way.

In the end, we had a backroom gambling operation that never panned out and of course the cops were involved in the final moments of the story, which felt contrived. Can we do a fiasco without the cops involved?

I think the playset is in need of some editing, but I’m too excited to move onto some other one’s to be bothered to do it myself. In fact, now I’m inspired to finish the three I’ve been working on.


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