The Haranshire Campaign: Part 7.

I don’t know how to describe tonight’s session. So, rather than describe the events as they transpired, let me explain what the party has learned. Sorry if this doesn’t sound exciting, but there were a couple of great dramatic moments.

1. Orcs attacked the Carmen mine. People went dead or missing. Two survived and are recuperating in the temple. If the orcs are taking the dead, this could be bad news about Skye.

2. Darius Carmen seems slow and dim-witted, but he’s actually thoughtful and not reactive. Sort of a asperger’s sufferer, but not that extreme.

3. After a verbal showdown in the center of town between Vromme (the town Reeve) and Roth (the town constable), which felt like it was a long time coming, Stauff once again stole the show with this condemnation of people who put ego before results. Roth was told off by a total of four people before the night was over.

4. And still led the party into the mine.

5. Collapsing the tunnels may be the best way to keep the orcs out of the Carmen mine. Someone named “Old Grizzler” might help.

6. Darius, unable to get a read on the value of Stauff, merely gave him a sack of coin to help him out, in the gamble that he is a future ally.7. Ingram may be the smartest, calmest person in the valley. He and Viviene are not shy. Let’s leave it at that.

8. Wallace is still missing and no one cares.

9. Skye’s room was finally searched and a strange liquid was found hidden in a box, there. It smells of the “red tide” and dead fish from before. Too many other thing happened and this way not examined to it’s conclusion. Yet.

10. Vasya and Nadia have been approached about helping. Their price to clear out the orcs is 100gp, based on what they have heard so far. This is more money than the players have ever seen. But first they have to finish investigating the Mire. So far, they have killed 22 goblins.

11. Duncan, Vromme, Brandy, and some other minor characters really appreciate the PCs, even if Roth is a jerk.

12. Strom has given two dogs to Stauff, telling him to “pay when you can.”

13. Ian isn’t drinking or smoking anything anymore.

14. Everyone has had it with Crandel.

15. Crandel was visited by another vision from the river. No one believes him.

16. I’m not sure if Verner sees this slipping out of his control, but the GM sees it on Aaron’s face.

Looking forward to Part 8.

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