Orccon 2012 Report

Had a great con. Some low points, however.

But, I’ll stick to the highlights.

1. Cycles playtest went great. Will post soon about that.

2. Everyone loved Dice Crawl. Version 2.0 coming soon.

3. Blood Bowl “Frenzy” was great. I ran a game that is similar to the grade school playground game “smear the queer.” Each player selects a race and two figures for that race and rushes to the center of the board to get the ball, and then hold onto it as long as you can. I will post the map soon, but there’s a picture on facebook of me teaching some people how to play.


4. August 4 was a mess. Needs a lot of work. Great advice from Jeff Siadek.

5. John Davis and I played Sweet Agatha. At first we mocked it for some of its art-ness. By the end we were eating crow. So seriously good. But then, he and I are good players.

6. Tried to play Fiasco Dirty Cops. People came in and made a lot of noise. Game stopped at half-way point.

7. Fiasco Fantasy was amazing. Among the best sessions of Fiasco we’ve ever had. Jon and I walked away with the gold. Albeit, I was a little beat up from the experience. Not a single NPC appearance.

8. Weston and I played out Stauff’s missing Haranshire session (in between on things at the show). He surprised me with a lot of his decisions. When I post session 9, I’ll be sure to update his session 9.5 as well. Eerie how similar the events were.

9. Sold $400 worth of old game junk at the flea market and then proceeded to spend it on food and booze (read, Ale and Whores)

10. Played Microscope. We never got around to finishing it, because the stoners I played with had to eat. But I liked it. I didn’t love it and I wanted to. But it really needs oracles and/or systems of magnitude. Right now, it’s just a hipster index card fest.

11. Martian Dice was unnecessarily brutal for another risk/reward drinking dice game.

12. 12-player adventurers was boring. Boulder barely moved.