OrcCon 2012

It’s about 14 hours before I leave for the convention. I’m still hammering out details on Cycles (which I fear will not be ready), and packing clothes. In addition to my normal fiasco gaming, my two RPG events, and my board game time with friends, I am also bringing a few new designs to explore:

A kid’s game

A time travel game

A “Smear the Queer” variant for Blood Bowl

Dice Crawl

Jeff Siadek also promised to show me a new game that he says, “I”m sure to hate.” Well. Looking forward to that, Jeff.

I may just crank out one more thing before the night is over, but I doubt it. My list of TO DOs is just riduclously long at this point.

I hope to see you there and come bother me and I’ll show you the new stuff.

And if you need a place to crash, let me know.

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